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Purple Stars

Spotlight Portal 2.0

The group ritual & masterclass for witchy babes to connect to their inner lion on a creatrix journey through the magic of leo

friday, july 22, 2022 at 3pm pst

This is a ritual for you

for the expansive and passionate version of you that has been told to tone itself down

For the creative witch who is ready to ditch the hustle mentality and start having fun now

for the sensual babe within you who wants to express their desires freely

We're ripping apart the ideals of the patriarchy and moving forward into a life where we live and love fully

Join a coven of the baddest witches as we reunite with our powerful feminine energy that ignites the passion within us 



“This experience marked a first in many aspects of my spiritual journey! This was my first masterclass I’ve ever attended, my first group ritual, and first time ever actively working with a deity! I didn’t know how it was all going to play out, but rest assured, Luna provides a safe, loving space to host everyone’s energies and feelings. Leo energy is a big one to work with regarding manifestations, and Luna was the perfect guide for releasing any negative self talk, self-limiting beliefs, and creating healthy boundaries around negative things that may be in your life. Unlike what you might see from other people in the spiritual community, Luna doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk! I loved awakening this amazing spiritual connection with not just my inner goddess, but also with the other participants. It came at the perfect time when there was a lot of negative energy looming in my life, and I feel so much more empowered with my decision to set boundaries and not let that energy affect me any more! If you want to feel like a super charged goddess and awake that inner bad ass - I highly recommend this experience as one of your starting points.”

- Rebecca   2022 
OG Spotlight Portal Participant

“I cannot express enough how much the Leo Spotlight Portal Activation has helped me. You could feel all the Positive vibes and it truly felt like a safe container...sacred. The guided meditation was everything! With Luna as the guide, one felt safe and at ease.  The release is very real and I look forward to taking the knowledge provided and carrying it throughout my daily life. I can't wait to get to partake in more of these rituals in the future!”

- Marissa    2022 
OG Spotlight Portal Participant

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As your high priestess of creativity (that's what a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre mixed with years of witchcraft gets you!) I will lead us through a ritual including:


   Ritual dedicated to and calling upon Freya, Goddess of many things including pleasure, luxury, and love


 ☪  Invocation of Leo power for an ultimate creative blast


 ☪ Invocation of childlike sense of play & fun through our dance and movement section


 ☪  Release ritual to identify and let go of blocks surrounding pleasure, desire, and creativity as well as a release of body shaming, limiting beliefs & hustle-culture through journaling


 ☪  Reconnection to life-force energy through acceptance of sexuality, pleasures, desires and joy through meditation and affirmations



We will find ourselves on the other side of the ritual with:


 ☪ A better understanding of our own creative energy and how to access it


 ☪ An understanding of your own Leo placement and your individual power behind it


 ☪ A love and acceptance for our body, our desires, and what brings us pleasure


 ☪ Newfound peace around experiencing fun and the desire to invoke more fun into our life

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