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Luna's Love-Me-Good Oil is a must-have item in every love witch's apothecary!

This oil is enchanted to call in the most pleasurable experiences into your life- it goes beyond a tool for glamour & sex magick. You become highly magnetic toward each and every one of your desires. You start to realize that pleasure is the reason for life. You start attracting more and more pleasure and abundance in every way. 


Let life love you good


Smells like sensuous & deep floral with hints of smooth vanilla

Blessed by Goddess Freya and crafted on the Full moon


Different ways to use Luna’s Love-Me-Good Oil:

  • In spells and rituals for self-love, beauty, attraction & magnetism 

  • To anoint your sex toys & bed and enchant them for the highest pleasure

  • To attract more fun, glamour, and pleasure into your life

  • In glamour magick for beauty & attraction 

  • As a perfume oil to attract your desires & embody Goddess energy


Enchanted & Blessed to bring you...

increased confidence, passion, sex drive, magnestism and attraction

honor to your sensuality & goddess energy

enriched glamour magick workings

attraction to your desires and seduction to your manifestations


Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a doctor before using any herbs. 

Luna's Love-Me-Good Oil

SKU: 1133771
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