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This 17-page workbook is a powerhouse filled with the tools to help you be your own astrologer for the day and uncover the secrets within your own birthchart! 


I will walk you through how to find specific astrological placements that are innate to YOU and are key secrets to where your natural power and magnetism lies! With this knowledge you are better able to pursue your most authentic expression with pure ease and confidence. 


Once we've done our critical thinking and exploring of our soul maps, we will dive right in to the personal connection and shadow work that comes with it. Be prepared to look at what you need to release in order to move forward with true personal power and soverignty. 


This ebook is a genuine nugget of magickal personal discovery and I'm so excited for each and every one of you who take the plunge into living a more bountiful and authentic life for YOU! 


(This ebook was created specially for The Spotlight Activation ritual which is avalible on my Offerings tab. I highly reccomend pairing the two for the most potent experience.)

The Spotlight Portal Workbook

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