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your fairy glamour goddess godmother!

Hi I 'm Luna!

Hi! I’m Luna, your.png

I'm a professional shape-shifter and glamour witch! 

Yes, that sounds quite fantastical, but it is true! 

I became a professional self-taught makeup artist at age sixteen and went to cosmetology school my senior year of highschool, graduating at the top of my class before receiving my Cosmetology All (CA) license in the state of Missouri at eighteen.


I've now been doing beauty transformations as a professional shape shifter for ten years! 

As a natal Pisces moon + 12th house stellium girlie, I have been lost in the cosmos my whole life, contemplating spirituality from day one. I put those celestial skills to work and became a professional tarot reader and astrologer in 2020!, amassing a loyal and rockin' clientele of the coolest folks around the world. 

As a Freyja devotee and Taurus rising, glamour has always been a fundamental part of my spirituality and magick. I've spent the past years delving into the intersections of glamour and magick, of beauty on the physical and metaphysical, and have learned to understand the esoteric tether between the two. The magick and work that I do is very much about empowering my clients to look deeper and uncover the beauty within themselves- both in the physical and non-physical.

A Bit About Me


I noticed a problem in the Beauty Industry...

IMG_2968 2.JPG

Long story short- it's fueled by Capitalism.


The beauty industry thrives off of you feeling insecure. Becuase the more people feel insecure, the more money they spend on new treatments, makeup, botox, etc.

Now, I'm NOT saying there is anything wrong with beauty treatments and makeup *obviously!*


However, it is so so important that the way you personalize this avatar of yours comes from a place of love and joy. You should feel EXCITED about your skincare and makeup routine! Your aesthetic presentation should be a creative outlit, rather than pressure to not age or to fit some "standard" of beauty set by Goddess knows who!

And that's EXACTLY what my Astro Glam Glow-Up Magickal Makeover does PLUS it is infused with something you'll never find in a mainstream makeover- astrology! Specifically the placements in your natal chart that you can tune into to amplify your natural beauty and magnetism! 

Your aesthetic presentation, your glamour routine, it should all be FUN! It should embrace your natural beauty, reject conventional standards, and most importantly: be an authentic creative extension of YOU.

What happens when you mix an underworld glamour witch with a professional makeup artist?
(believe it or not- this is not a set-up to a joke!)

You get an amazing fairy glamour goddess godmother ready to help you transform into a version of you that is confident and excited to show up in the world with your new glamour blueprint!

_DSC6012 3.JPG

In this hour long recorded reading, I will explore your natal astrology chart, explaining the most important points in regard to appearance and creative expression, giving you new found information on how to connect to and enhance your innate beauty.

You'll submit photos and an entry form to help me understand what you want to embrace and let me know what you're feeling self-conscious about (if any).

This is a NO-PRESSURE makeover. If you don't want to change your hair or wear makeup, that is totally fine! I deeply understand how personal the expression of beauty is and I strive to highlight and enhance what you WANT to enhance- in your own unique glamourous way! Whether that's makeup everyday or no makeup at all- there is absolutely no judgement here! 

I will compile a complete hair, makeup, and fashion makeover fully personalized for you based on your intake form, physical features, undertone, and astrological placements complete with inspiration pictures, mood boards, and reference videos. 

If you end up wanting a personal 1:1 makeup or hair lesson, you can add one onto your makeover as well! 

Are you ready to step into the glamour magick portal and connect to your unique beauty and authentic expression?

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