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Set yourself up for success in your meditation goal this year with the set of meditations for each of the full moons! 


*bonus: also included is a 2024, 2025, and 2026 full moon calendar to help you always remember the upcoming full moons! 


Written and voiced by me, these meditations were created using my intuition and divining for what the collective needed to hear for each full moon. Each meditation is expertly crafted to tap into the energy of the specific full moon and connect you deeper to the zodiacal energy, aligning you to that energy. 


what's included:

Full Moon in Aries meditation for clarity, reflection, and new beginnings

Full Moon in Taurus meditation for reflection, letting go, and finding gratitude

Full Moon in Gemini meditation for expansion, expression, and living your truth

Full Moon in Cancer meditation for Divine Feminine, rest, and rejuvenation

Full Moon in Leo meditation for setting boundaries, getting clear of energy drains, and creating space for joy

Full Moon in Virgo meditation for grounding into your center and sending healing love to yourself and others

Full Moon in Libra meditation for connecting to the divine feminine and finding softness within

Full Moon in Scorpio meditation for releasing anxiety and connecting to your deep inner knowing

Full Moon in Sagittarius meditation for opening up to change and adventure

Full Moon in Capricorn meditation for opening up to abundance of all forms

Full Moon in Aquarius meditation for embracing your individuality and honoring your uniqueness

Full Moon in Pisces meditation for releasing the past and opening up spiritually


+ a full moon calendar for 2024, 2025, and 2026


A Year of Full Moon Meditations

  • audio file .m4a

  • pdf doc

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