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Are you wanting to wow your partner and empower yourself this valentine's day (or a random Wednesday)? Join me for this super fun, beginner friendly lap dance class! We'll cover the secrets to giving a sexy and fun lap dance that will surprise both you and your partner! 


As an ex-stripper and Playboy Bunny, I've spent the past five years creating my perfect potion for my lap dance love spells, and I'm so excited to teach it to you! With a little bit of aphrodisiac magic, a sprinkle of confidence, a pinch of glamour magic, and a whole lot of teasing, you'll be on your way to embodying this sexy ritual! 


What is a lap dance love spell?: A lap dance love spell is my quirky little term as a priestess of pleasure to describe the alluring art of lap dancing in the particular format that I'll be teaching in this class. No, we won't be *actually* performing a love spell to dominate or tie someone to us forever! Buuuuut, you may just end up falling back in love with yourself when you see how sexy you really are! And I guarantee your partner will have their jaw on the floor too! 


In this hour and a half (ish) class, we'll meet virtually over zoom (don't worry- I won't ask you to show off your moves in front of everyone! We keep it chill here lol), and I'll walk you through the essential steps to my go-to lap dance routine, and we'll work through some extra ways to make yours unique to you so you can add your own little razzle dazzle 😉



You will leave this class feeling excited to show off your new moves and confident in your body, owning your sacred sexuality and pumped to impress your partner (or yourself!!! Don't underestimate the power of a little self-seduction!) 




All my classes are open and welcoming to folks of all gender identities and sexual orientations. I know topics surrounding our bodies and sexuality can be triggering, so I encourage you to stay mindful of your needs and limitations. I am always doing my best to be accommodating, if there is anything I can do to accommodate your needs please don't hesitate to reach out to me at prior to class. My classes will always be a safe place for all. 

Lap Dance Love Spell 💃

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