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As the Summer Solstice draws near, this ritual companion invites us to sync with the cyclical nature of Mother Earth as we reflect and celebrate this sabbat of gratitude! This is you all-in-one resource for all things Litha including the history, witchy and non-witchy activity ideas, two rituals, journal prompts, affirmations and a tarot spread to inspire your highest growth during the peak of summer. 


(An excerpt from the introduction)

"Litha has long been celebrated in gratitude to the sun, its warmth, and the abundance it has provided us during Summer. Historically, our pagan ancestors who lived off the land would have many reasons to be thankful for the sun and summer's warmth. In modern times, Litha invites us to show thanks for our manifestations and what we've achieved thus far. We can note that what we've put work into for the past few months will soon come to fruition. Litha is a time of gratefulness- you can alter the celebratory themes to whatever or whoever is in your life that you want to honor and thank. Honestly, Litha is one of my favorite holidays because of how genuinely beautiful it is. It's truly just a time to be happy and celebrate the beauty of the Earth, those around you, and yourself. Because of that, Litha has always been a favorite time for me to celebrate Glamour magick. Whether that's doing something for yourself or decorating your home in beautiful adornments- it's the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of our world."

Litha Ritual Companion

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