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Welcome to the Moon Fam

About Luna

Hi! I'm Luna

Creator and Host of the Good Witch, Bad B*tch Podcast, I inspire seekers to find their inner enchantress and Sacred Bad Bitch through my podcast and weekly offerings on YouTube. I teach femme people to reclaim their bodies and autonomy from society, and learn to become their true Bad Bitch self. As a divinatory lunar witch, I specialize in divine and psychic communication through tarot and astrology to help my clients connect with their own spirit bodies and uncover their truths. I believe we all have the ability to access our gifts, we just need the proper encouragement and validation. As skin deep as the glamour magick I teach, to as soul-deep as the deep wisdom downloads from the stars, I lead with my truth to being a good witch, bad bitch: learn to live your life unapologetically authentic!

Luna Seranova is a psychic glamour witch, Content Creatrix, and Freya devotee with a mission to demystify the taboo. She teaches empowerment and confidence techniques to witchy women looking to fill their lives with fun, liberation, and pleasure. Filling her days with magick, mysticism, and cats, she shares her witchy adventures on her YouTube channel with over 25k subscribers. Between her tarot and astrology readings she spends her days hosting the Good Witch, Bad B*tch podcast and working as a professional actress in the City of Angels.

Pink Flowers
Latest Appearances
Pink Flowers
Latest Appearances
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"At the time of my reading, I had fallen ill with a Vertigo disorder and was unemployed. I was in a low part of my life. To my surprise, she offered a detailed reading for me, but it was still relevant and personalized to my current situation. Luna's reading not only addressed my disorder (which she did NOT know about), but she also offered me words of encouragement and hope, to keep going. Her reading helped me during a difficult time in my life. A couple days later, I ended up finding a medical professional who helped me on the path to understanding my disorder, just as Luna's reading alluded to. Luna truly cares about others and it shows with her readings. I highly recommend a reading from Luna Seranova!"


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Instagram: @LunaSeranova
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